Types Of Baby Clothing Materials

The designers of babies’ clothes put in mind the delicate nature of babies and have taken into designing the in organic materials. Even though the organic clothing in Australia is highly recommended, it’s relatively expensive for the middle and low income earners. However, there have been cheaper and more practical clothing materials that have been used for a very long time. These materials are both derived from natural materials and synthetic materials. The common materials used in designing and creating baby’s clothing materials are not much different from the one used in adults. However, the materials used on babies clothing must be spot on their skin and warm enough in most weathers.

For those that can afford the luxury baby clothes; which is mostly woven in organic materials, then its good to drape your baby in designer’s wear then it might just learn how to dress in style one it comes of age. However, for the not so fashionable parents you can still dress your child in practical, mass produced baby clothes.


It is the most common and widely used clothing material in both babies and adults. Cotton is advantageous in that it is a cheap material that is versatile, long lasting and affordable. These qualities allow the cotton material to be such a dynamic baby clothing material. The cotton material is also soft on the baby’s skin. Since cotton is naturally grown, it is available in an organic material. In addition cotton should be maintained according to the standards; it might shrink from the first wash. It can be used for natural scarves online.

Cotton/ polyester blend

Polyester is a synthetic clothing material which may sufficient as a baby’s clothing material. As such it is mostly blended with a softer clothing material in the name of cotton to make it softer. The blend will retain some of cotton’s softness qualities and adapt to polyester’s qualities of an easy to dry material. Polyester is cheaper than most products made of 100% natural clothing material. The blend is also free of wrinkling and doesn’t shrink easily and thus cuts laundry time for busy parents.

Cotton/spandex blends

The blend is very comfortable on babies and is easy to care for. You will most probably find it in legwarmers for babies. In addition the material is stretchable; the cotton/spandex material is a material that keeps the baby feeling as one with the clothes. Just like the cotton/polyester blend, the cotton spandex usually exhibits characteristics from both materials.


This is a material that is usually used in making warm materials for the outerwear. The material is available in different weights for the baby’s outwear. The clothing material can be used as a substitute for wool. It has an advantage over wool though in that it dries quickly and can be used for all seasons. It is easy to care for and it is stain proof. However, during sleep time a baby can be covered with an Alpaca rugs.

This is the baby clothing material for high end baby clothes. The cashmere material is very expensive and may not be very practical especially with baby spills. It can only be described as a luxury textile material.