The Smart Businessman: How To Pick Your Shoes To Complete Your Look

Even though going all black is the most comfortable and practical as well as easiest option out there when it comes to dressing for office, men nowadays like to add a bit more definition to their business attire. Your shoes are a very important part of your overall look that will give it that special flair. The following guide explains how men can match their ensembles with the right pair of leather business shoes. Just bear in mind the kind of profession that you are in and do not do anything that is not accepted in your line of work.

If your bespoke tailor has done a navy blue ensemble for you, it will go very well with black, red, brown and burgundy coloured shoes. Navy blue is a colour that sits very amicable with all of these colours. There are also other colours that work well with navy blue but these in general are the safe options to stick to. The colour of leathers will also impact the overall look that you are trying to project. For example, black shoes will look serious, brown will look more casual and the burgundy and red will add a playful or social element to the attire.

Once again any grey coloured attire can go very well with black, brown, burgundy and red leather shoes. However, use a good quality tailor made suits all times because the grey will show any imperfections in your attire unlike black that will hide them. Also the grey coloured apparel will be a little more relaxed as opposed to the black. If the shade is a medium grey, you can pair it up with black shoes.

You can make these work very well with red shoes, brown or burgundy as well. However never pair them with black shoes. Brown clothing will almost always work well with shoes in various shades of brown. However make sure that the colour contrast between your clothing and the footwear is visible at first glance. It is overall better if the shoes you have picked have a shade of brown that this darker than that of the clothing but if that not the case, ensure that the difference is easily visible.

You can dress up in black as well as burgundy coloured shoes here. However never pair them with brown footwear. Plain blacks will have the most emphasis I you are wearing a business ensemble of a charcoal grey shade. Burgundy can also add its own punch to the professional look with a hint of elegance. However, any shade of brown will just block the overall appearance and just look wrong.