Preparing For A First Date

Dating can be really hectic sometimes especially if you are a newbie at it. And as a general fact more ladies as opposed to men worry about their dates. Here are some basic tips for ladies on their first dates;

Be careful about your hygiene

Make sure that you have a full body bath and wash your hair before you go on a date. This is crucial. Don’t wear something that you have already worn once or twice and hope no one will notice it or smell it. Covering up with perfume is not going to help either.

Don’t stay up late the previous night

You must appear fresh and active. If you have dark circles around your eyes and you fall asleep in mid conversation or yawn inappropriately that is going to be the end of your dating. What he says can be boring (you never know) but you must at least appear to be interested right? 

Set out the clothes the night before

Be prepared. If you don’t have something nice to wear then go out and buy something new. Don’t wait till the last moment to sort out your clothes and to discover that you have nothing nice to wear.

Dress appropriately and stylishly

Make sure you keep a tab on the latest fashion trends that suits you well. Dress according to the occasion. For an example Boho dresses Australia are quite hip these days with chunky accessories and bling for a summer outing like a picnic or a beach party. If you are a dunce at it not to worry the internet is here for the rescue! There are thousands and thousands of sites dedicated to fashion and you can look at the images and read through the easy tips.

Be unique.

Wear unique things that will mark your personality. First impressions matter a lot as you all well know. For an example google ‘valley eyewear’ online and you will get a list of handmade shades. These are very trendy and fashionable.

Try to smell good

The bath wash you use, the shampoo, the perfume all add up to your fragrance. Having nice smelling hair is a plus. So try to use a soft, mild but nice scented perfume. It’s part of the attraction.

Do not overdo it

Be it make up, be it bling, be it the dress or the perfume, don’t overdo it because they will definitely notice that you are putting up a fake presence to impress them. Keep it simple and casual. If they like you then they will ask you out again. If not, then that is not your problem. You must date someone who cares for you for the real you and not the dressed up version.