Magical Designs, Shades Of Glory

The seventeen billion world population’s one basic requirement is clothing. Some 170,000 years ago people have started clothing having one sole aim; to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. In the modern days, fabrics are used commonly for clothing, cushioning, curtaining, bedding, toweling, cleaning, as carry bags, tent covers, sails, toy covers, painting canvas etc.Depending on the requirement, different fabric types from grey cloths, wool, and cotton, silk, satin to rayon are used.

What is “culture”? it is civilization, society, way of life, customs, traditions, and so on.

We all have different cultures from where we are originating from. All these “cultures” put together, represents “Global” culture. The clothes we wear all started from a strand of string. But it had a touch of difference according to our physical or genetic traits we inherited. Here is the twist, our clothing habits first started to evolve according to the ‘group’s’ culture and norms. When the world trade expanded, people started migrating from their original set up to these foreign environments. With the modern technological advancements and the knowledge enhancements brought the world closer. People started thinking global! Leisure travelers started venturing the world. Air transportation further brought the world closer. The people started mixing with one another. They have started experiencing novelty fabric prints adorned by many.

In the 19th century, an Englishman living in Paris, Charles Fredrick Worth became the first modern day designer who gave birth to modern day fashion design. He employed scores of tailors and seamstresses in producing frocks out of finest fabric that were hugged to their bodies in a well-shaped manner through a thin metal support structure. He was the first known designer who had his personal fashion label sewed to dresses. Fashion design industry has grown to such a level today, it is a main income earner in some of the fast growing economies in the world.

In parallel to clothing and fabric industry, the interior designing which gives esthetically soothing relief to people, have grown in heaps and bounds. Whether it is decorating their interior or at times the exterior, the people have taken a great effort in going in to detail. Starting from the verandah, living area, bed rooms, kitchen to bathrooms people have started decorating these respective areas with different fabrics with novelty fabric prints. The people, as per their budgets, social standing, have found many new avenues in making that fabric of their choice in to a vibrant finished product with appropriate prints and designs of colour. The key is to find the right product at the right price from right vendor.