How To Select A Gift For The Special Woman In Your Life?

Gift giving is an art. It is unfortunately an art many of don’t even have the foggiest ideas about. As a result, we either end up not giving any gift at all, or end up settling to give the same old boring and predictable gifts every year. Unfortunately, this is not a good practice when you have a special someone in your life. Here are our tips on how to select a gift for the special woman in your life…

 Think of the occasion before making a budget

The first and the most important thing to consider when selecting gifts for the special woman in your life; is the occasion. If it’s a birthday or an anniversary, or if it’s a gift to mark a special occasion or achievement…or even if it’s a “just because” gift; each occasion calls for a different kind of budget. For example, if it’s an anniversary or a birthday, you might want to set aside a substantial amount for the budget to buy something like top quality Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. But if it’s for a “just because” gift, even something as simple as a bouquet of flowers will work perfectly.

 Think of her interests and her daily schedule

Let’s admit it. Every one of us has received a gift that we have no interest what-so-even on; at least once in our lives. It may be from a distant aunt or a work colleague, or even someone who you thought knows you well. Hasn’t that felt disappointing. Don’t let that happened with your gift. Make sure it is something related to her hobbies and her interests. Even something that can come to use for her daily schedule will make quite a nice gift! 

 Recall something she’s always wanted, but never got for herself

More often that not, our adult life forces us to prioritize our decisions and buy things that are more practical rather than of interest to us. Even if she’d like to indulge on and buy Burberry bag for herself, it’s quite possible that she puts it off for something more “practical”; like paying a utility bill or using that money to renovate your home. Help her give in to her indulgence and buy good stuff for your love one.

 Make sure it’s a mixture of her and you

And here, we are of course talking of the gift. If you are planning on getting her something like custom made jewelry, opt for charms that has a special meaning to you both. If you are opting for an enlarged photo or a special photo frame, make sure the picture is one that captures a moment you both thoroughly enjoyed and have plenty of memories of. In short, what we mean is, what ever the gift you choose, make sure you are both in it; rather than only her.