Famous Fashion Trends Around The World

Fashion is a dynamic and constantly improving thing that changes from year to year, season to season and trend to trend. It never stops. Today’s best seller might become tomorrow’s worst fashion fail. That is how fast this industry changes. Being a part of this industry and embracing these trends truly does make one feel as though they are in IT, rather than being amongst those that simply admire from the outside. It is like a privileged club that only those who can afford can be a part of. But this doesn’t mean that fashion should be a privilege you could only dream being a part of, no, it means that because of this constant and dynamic changes, even you have the privilege of making your own quirky style the next trend. I mean look how well the celebrities are rocking the homeless look! And so, there have been many trends brought in to the industry from different parts of the world. Here are some of them.

The lotus shoes of China

China is a huge country and it is also known for possessing very innovative and out-of-the-box-thinking people. And so, it is no surprise that they would go to absurd lengths just to be accepted by their society, and what they believe is beautiful.  And while certain things of these persons are simply amazing like the prefect Hong Kong gifts, others are just too extreme. Back in the old days and until the early 20th century, having small feet seemed to be the IT thing. And so the lotus shoes that were introduced was the perfect equipment for just about any women to shape her feet, if she had large ones, that is, in to what society believed was acceptable and beautiful. And this was a trend followed by just about any woman in China. However, towards the latter part of the 20th century this trend was abandoned, just like any other fashion trend. But today many old ladies that in fact were a part of this trend, show various sorts of deformities in their feet!

The Japanese kimono

Unlike the buy chinese jacket Hong Kong that is generally shorter and in the form of a usual jacket except with a Chinese touch, this is a traditional dress of the Japanese. Although back in the olden days these were worn throughout, today, these are mostly worn during special ceremonies like weddings and such. It distinguishes the Japanese culture and tradition from amongst the other traditions and cultures of other nations. It is a straight cut dress that is worn with an obi. However, what is important to notice is that, while some of these kimonos and their colors represents a person’s class or status others may represent certain virtues like youth, passion and even love.

There have been other trends as well, some as cool as Dr. Martens and others as weird as a facekini (also by the Chinese!)  nevertheless, fashion has never become boring nor has it ever stopped growing. The one thing you need to know if you want to set the next trend is, wear even the quirkiest thing ever, and parade with confidence! Confidence is the key for slaying it like Kim!!