Effectively Managing Your Hotels Supply

Have you ever gotten the embarrassment of receiving calls at the front desk in your hotel of customers complaining of their rooms lacking basic amenities? The assumption people have when they are lodged in a hotel is that they are suppose to have basic amenities like tissue paper and towels without having to ask. However sometimes, hotel managements fail whole fully in these areas. If you a hotel manager, you really do not want to find yourself in such a situation most especially if you are hoping to have customers leaving good feedback. Such petty things like toilet paper and soap may seem like nothing but they could be the reason most of your customers wouldn’t be coming back. Apart from coming back, they may dissuade others from using your facilities. That said, it is possible to put a tab on what happens in your hotel by closely managing supplies. The following are suggestions for large turkish beach towels on how to manage your hotel supplies to ensure you are not short of items when you need them.

Keep an inventory

You may spend a lot of money buying things for the hotel and your staff could be siphoning these very things to their homes. Items that are meant for guest may end up in the bags of your janitorial staff. To avoid this, you need to maintain an inventory system. Note that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. You are probably already up to your neck with other hotel business to be able to bother about this. However, get someone you can trust to handle this part of the business. This person should keep a tab on what comes in and what goes out. This will help ensure buy hammam towels online are not empty when they are needed.

Invest in good software

You may be able to get away with using simple excel entries when you run a small hotel with not many guests. However, when you run a bigger place or one that receives a lot of guests, it may be better to invest in good software that will be used to manage inventory. This way, less time is spent checking items held in inventory. A good system will be able to alert you of any items that may run out of stock.

Train staff inventory management

Sometimes all you may need is to make your staff conscious on the repercussions of their actions. You should try to train your staff on the basics of operations management and how small acts may result to huge financial losses. If you can succeed to make your staff more conscious of their acts and the role they need to play to make the hotel a success, you can be sure half of the work required for managing supplies in your hotel has been done.